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Web Page Connection Zoom Level

Would it be possible to add an option for a web page connection to start zoomed in or out at a defined level.

My example for this is using VMware vCenter Server 6.7 I need to zoom out to 80-90% to make it usable in the tabbed interface as my laptop is only running @1920x1080. Currently I just have to hold Ctrl and scroll down every time I connect to a vCenter Server.

Below are some screen shots showing the zoom level differences.








the next release (5.1) will have this feature on board.


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Awesome thanks Stefan!

I attempted to use this option at various zoom levels without success it's always displaying at 100%. If it helps I have a screen recording that I can link or attach showing me adjust the zoom level values and reconnecting to the webpage with the zoom level remaining at 100%.

From your description I guess you are trying to adjust the zoom level while connected and then reconnect. Can you try to close the connection and setup the correct initial zoom level? If this still doesn't work, please provide a screen recording and open a support ticket.


Just tried same result on my end and will do.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I found the issue and fixed it for the next release.


Hi! I am writing from 2023 where Royal TSX (OSX version) still lacks this super useful feature: pre-defined zoom.

Hi Evgeny!

This thread is for Royal TS for Windows. I kindly ask you to create a forum post  in the Royal TSX for macOS section.

Thank you,

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