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FeatureRequest: tmux integration

I'm a former iTerm user (on macos) using Royal TS for Windows solely for ssh sessions now. iTerm had a tmux integration which made it very easy to create new "windows" and navigate through them with single keystrokes. I'm missing that dreadfully.

Is there any chance of getting tmux support for Royal TS?

Hi Oliver!

Can you please be more precise what exactly you're missing on Royal TS in terms of tmux integration? I know tmux specially for arranging different terminals in various ways, like "screen"  can do as well. But this can do Royal TS natively, also with different connection types, just like seen on one of our screenshots on our website: (simply drag'n'drop the tab to the indicators centrally in the UI) Or do I misunderstand your request here?



There is a good chance I am overlooking features, that are already there due to the fact, that I'm quite new to Royal TS. Apologies for that.

Currently when I'm working in a ssh session on server A and I need a second (third, forth,...) window/tab on the same server, I have to take the mouse, click on Duplicate Ad-hoc, which creates a whole new ssh session (which takes time). I'd love to just have a shortkey which instantaniously opens a new (lightweight) window/tab.

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