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Allow multiple connection methods for a single object

Many objects support multiple connection types. For example, you might connect to a Windows server over RDP, HTTP, Powershell, and VMWare console. A Linux server might support SSH, HTTPS, and VNC; and a VMWare host server could support SSH, VMWare, HTTPS, and an external application such as the HP iLO remote console.

Right now, a user must create a different object for each connection type and then keep them organized, perhaps within folders for each server. With many servers, this is very difficult to maintain.

Allow the creation of a generic object with a default connection method but multiple alternatives. It should behave similarly to a folder, with the ability for the alternative connection types to inherit settings such as hostname from the default or to override them with unique settings. A double click would connect to a device using the default method, but a right click menu would allow the user to choose one of the alternate connection methods.

Perhaps also create templates for common connection type groupings

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This idea could be even enhanced with doing a kind of port scan for one of these generic (server) objects to automatically create different connection possibilities.

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we have two features which may come in handy:

1. Templates:

2. Dynamic folders: write a script which populates a folder with connections, credentials, etc. dynamically based on your script output.

We already have a lot of sample scripts in our Github repository for various systems and we already have a growing community contributing to this repo. One of our users even posted a nice YouTube tutorial on how to make use of dynamic folders.

Here's a tutorial video:



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