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Would it be possible to add into Royal TS similar features of the following tool? 

Royal TS has the option to create items for each server (RDP, Services, Process, Perf, etc.) However, this needs to be done manually for each new server/appliance. For Example, if there is a a list array of servers/clusters that belongs to one Folder in RoyalTS, it would be great to be able to ping them all at once to see which one is still down. Or Query all of them at once for specific service to identify the service status on each of them together. 

I am sure having such new feature in Royal TS will add more value to the users. 

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I've looked at the product you linked and it seems to cover many scenarios which can also be covered using Royal TS. Because of the more "generic" approach of Royal TS you need to leverage either the PowerShell API to create a document or you can also check out our newest feature "dynamic folders" here

This should help with your object tree. For the other use cases, you can easily leverage our PowerShell connection type to query machine status or something like this:


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