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Dynamic hierarchy navigation pane folders

Would it be possible to provide a 'Custom Hierarchy' mode (option on the navigation panel, or an alternative to navigation on the view ribbon) where I could define folder groupings based on custom properties and/or fields?

For example,  if I was to tag each server with "Server Type" property/field for values such as DB server, Web server, App Server, Domain Controller and so on.  Then fields for customer, Administrator name, Admin Group, Domain, Hosting Type (On Pre/cloud), etc.  I would find it super handy to be able to define various hierarchies for management task such as "Admin Group-->Server Type" so I can quickly find all my database servers to run a task.  Several use cases I can think for managing servers (singling out for some kind of admin action) based on their attributes.  I think it would valuable to be able to use the builtin properties as well such as gateway mode, object type, parent folder

In my case it would show a top level 'folder' for Admin Group which expands to sub-folders of Server Type, which expands to a list of connections.

The original hierarchy is important because it how we set up the common properties such credentials and gateways with inheritance, but it doesn't always line up with the way we need to interact with the servers.

Basically this is just making it easier find stuff, group stuff, and do tasks on those groups without having to disrupt the original folder structure or create and maintain multiple rtsx files with different groupings.

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Hi Welsey,

thank you for the feedback. It's an interesting idea. Something like a "smart folder" in macOS. I will see what we can do...


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