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Keeper integration for credentials

 Hello, my team uses Keeper ( for our team password management (similar to LastPass).  I would like to see Keeper integration for credential management.

Hi Preston,

unfortunately we will not be able to support every product in this space because it's very time and resource consuming. We not only have to learn, setup, maintain and work with all the different products, we also have to maintain the code involved. This is not an easy task for a small team like ours so we are hoping that the community jumps in. We built this generic approach "dynamic folders" in the V5 release which allows you to integrate 3rd party tools into Royal TS easily. 

To learn more about the dynamic folders:

We also have a github repo where people can see some sample implementations from us and our users:

If someone from the community can implement a dynamic folder script and create a pull request, that would be awesome!


This post may be 4 years old, but I had the same request. Thanks to Stefan for his comments, this allowed me to write my own Dynamic Folder for Keeper. For anyone coming across this post looking for a Keeper integration, I've submitted a pull request here:

Thanks a lot for the PR! I just merged it into the main branch. 


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