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Grammalry Plugin

I have noticed that when using the IE or the Chrom web browser plugin, they can identify misspelled words but the right click options are missing.  It would be nice to at least have the same options as when I use a normal chrome window. 

BUT an even better idea would be to have a Grammarly plug in option. just like teamviewer has a free and paid version so does Grammarly. I have started to move some of myworkflows that invovle web GUIs into Royal TS and the fact that I have to copy/paste from another app just to make sure spelling and grammar are correct seems like an extra step. 

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I will look into the spell checking capability for IE and the Chromium engine. What I already figured out is that the Chromium engine we are using does not support Chrome plugins. So we will not be able to implement Grammarly but I hope to get basic spell checking working.

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