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Sticky tabs?

Is it possible to implement a feature to pin tabs at the beginning of the tab row comparable to Firefox?

These tabs should always open automatically when opening Royal TS and the tab should not be movable.

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No feedback at all?


thanks for posting in the ideas forum. As you can see, we get many feature requests and we are looking at all of them. We usually respond to feature requests, when the description is not clear enough. In your case, we fully understand how this feature should work. However, due to resource constraints we can't implement all requested features. We prioritize them by popularity and how much effort it is to implement them. In this particular case, we do not see huge demand for this feature (nobody upvoted, chimed in, no other similar requests, no tickets, etc.) and it's not so trivial to get this implemented. That's why it is quiet in this thread.

Thank you for your understanding.


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