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Putty Restart Session under system menu mapped to reconnect function.

As you discussed in the Idea topic :

Reconnect PuTTY session without wiping history

There exists the ability to restart the putty session using :

action menu -> system settings -> restart session

I have been using this since I learned of where it was "Hidden".

This request is that you either remap the "Reconnect" feature under the right click on a disconnected putty session to this "Restart Session", or that you provide an additional option to add Restart Session to the right click menu for a disconnected session.

I would ask why would anyone want to "Reconnect" to a putty session that was disconnected in any other way than the way Putty has implemented "Restart Session".

For Network engineers we have all used Putty for years.  Royal TS gives us the ability to continue to use Putty, and have access to the various WebUI's and other interfaces we need.  I have been running RoyalTS for 6 months now and believe this key functionality to restart the session is so critical to work flow, that asking my associate engineers to click on 3 menus to get to it is too much to ask.

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Hi Brian,

thanks for the feature request.

The reconnect feature as it is now does a lot more and changing the behavior would bring a lot of complications. The reconnect feature is designed to completely discard the "old" client components and recreate them. If for some reasons this is necessary (e.g. the external process hangs or something like this), it wouldn't be possible anymore and would break the current behavior.

I could try to create a dedicated button in the Actions ribbon tab for this function but I have to investigate if that's even feasible. I will add this to my to do list.



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