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Custom properties panel with editable field


Would be great if a more "customizable" properties panel will be available.

Now to obtain a view with essential connection information with URI, username, password, port i need to unfold 3 fields: General, Credentials and Advanced. This occupies half of the height my monitor losing a lot of available connection of the various folders.

So would be great to have customizable section where we can choose the standard fileds to put inside it.

At this point we will reach the perfection if these fields will be made also editable like mremote does.

This will made royalts much faster and immediate to use, if i have to always editing connection with the "wizard" for me is a waste time, also because in the wizard i need to move with mouse in various section of the form, usually i first configure the connection name and the uri and after the credentials, and only rarely i also modify the other more advanced fields.

Thank you.

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