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Make toast notifications optional


RTS doesn't have any options to reduce the number of toast notifications.

For example: As a RTS heavy user I've got a few dozens of "RDP session disconnected" notifications a day which simply distract from work. The same is true for any atomic write/save operation on a RTS document.

The only option right now is to disable all notification via Windows' "notifications and actions" settings but that would silence RTS completely

Expected behavior:

Make it optional for an action to trigger a toast notification so I can specify for which actions I want a toast notification and for which I do not want one. At least do so for the most common actions, e.g. "save" and "disconnect"

Actual behavior:

Any action that triggers a toast notification fires up whether I want it to or not


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Behavior modification example from Microsoft for Outlook
(which unfortunately is also of the "all or nothing" kind)

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