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RDP connections in remote assistance context

 [As suggested by Patrik Kernstock (Royal Applications Support Ninja, code4ward GmbH), I repeat my feature request here in your public ideas forum.]

First of all, thanks for RoyalTS! I wonder if it is possible to integrate help-desk connections offering remote assistance? Currently, this works via msra.exe. This Microsoft client also uses mstscax.dll (the MS ActiveX control for RDP connections), like RoyalTS, but it does not support full screen, transfer of hotkeys like Alt+Tab or other RDP configuration options. Active directory group policy allows configuring access rights for offering remote assistance, but does not provide any settings for the RDP connection in remote assistance context, either. A good client would be useful for helpdesk or similar purposes... Could this be integrated into RoyalTS?

=== Official reply from Patrik Kernstock (2019-Jan-10):
Hi Michael,
while it might be the same ActiveX RDP control, unfortunately the Remote-Assistance-specific magic/parameters/settings are not really documented somewhere, making it very difficult to implement that in our application. We've also taken a look on the msra.exe file and apparently it's something in C/C++, making it very hard to get some helpful informations out of the executable. (I had a short call before with our dev)
From todays standpoint and amount of available information it's unlikely that we're able to implement that in our application. If you have any more information to share about that, it would be really appreciated!
To keep track about this feature request I'd kindly ask you to file us a feature request in our public Ideas forum over here:
Sorry for not having better news! If you need anything else, please let me know.
Patrik Kernstock

Hi Patrick, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, my insight here does not extend beyond seeing the calls from msra.exe into mstscax.dll on the thread stacks in Process Hacker when using MS debugging symbols. This is not enough to infer useful DLL calling syntaxes/signatures and expected input parameters, I fear. Maybe others reading this thread can provide more insight. I assume asking Microsoft would be futile? Regards, Michael.

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