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Credential Picker in Windows same behavior like on Mac


I would like to ask for same behavior in Windows version for Credential Picker like on Mac. As we use same shared database so it's problem. 

Server connection has configured  Credential – Do not use any credential.

When  user on Mac click to Connect, then RoyaltTS open Credential picker to choose credential to use.

But when I do same on Windows 10 RoyalTS – it will not show Credential Picker, but open regular window for prompting password for my windows  account.


But when I configured it  like mentioned in KB to put "?"  – on Windows 10 client it will open credential picker I can choose from my credentials.

but on Mac client it behaves that open credential picker with filter „?“  so no credentials in list are displayed. User must delete „?“ in filter, then credentials will appear and he can choose one.


I would like to have for example option for default behavior on connections without specified credential - so it will not be configured in database, but in my Windows client to open credential picker.


thank you



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