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BitWarden Support

Eventually I'm going to move off LastPass (honestly RoyalTS has been keeping me on it lol) but I've been eyeing BitWarden pretty seriously. Is there any plans to add support for that?

Also it's open source:

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To be honest, we will not be able to support every product because it's very time and resource consuming. We not only have to learn, setup, maintain and work with all the different products, we also have to maintain the code involved. This is not an easy task for a small team like ours so we are hoping that the community jumps in. We built this generic approach "dynamic folders" in the V5 release (currently as beta available) which allows you to integrate 3rd party tools into Royal TS easily. 

To learn more about the dynamic folders:

We also have a github repo where people can see some sample implementations from us and our users:

If someone from the community can implement a dynamic folder script and create a pull request, that would be awesome!

Oh I completely agree I just figured with BitWarden being open source it might be a better solution than LastPass in the long run as many users have jumped ship to it.

I'm happy to report that Royal TS 5.0 has been released and includes dynamic folders:

For more information about the major new features of Royal TS 5.0, please head over to our

Hi there,

good news! We just published a dynamic folder sample for Bitwarden.

You can get the sample here:

For instructions on how to import the dynamic folder into Royal TS/X, please see this page:

Please let us know if it works for you!



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Hi Felix,
How can I use Windows variable in the "Path To BW CLI" field? There is an error if I type eg. %OneDriveCommercial%\bw.exe


Hi Marcin,

I just pushed an update of the dynamic folder sample which expands environment variables in the path. This should fix your issue.

You can download the updated version of the dynamic folder here:

Please let us know if this indeed fixes the issue you were having.



Hi Felix,
Now it works perfectly. Thanks!

Perfect! Glad to hear that, Marcin. And thx for the confirmation.




Is it possible to use the dynamic folder with onpremise bitwarden instance/custom bitwarden url?

Hi Jivko, yes, that should work. As the dynamic folder script uses the Bitwarden CLI, you should be able to configure the CLI to use your own server. See the documentation for reference: Hope that helps! Cheers, Felix

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Many thanks! Worked!

Perfect! Glad I could help!

Is there any magic needed?
I'm on macOS 10.14.6 with Royal
BitwardenCli ist instaleld in /Applications/bw and works
python works from the cli
Script File Imports just fine.
But when i hit the folder, i just see the turning wheel, nothing happens....
and i could see anything in the debug log either..

@Cee Bee: Have you used the bw cli at least once to verify it's working outside of Royal TSX?
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