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Feature request: popup notification when opening a connection

 I`d like to set a sort of warning popup when I open a (RDP) connection. For example when a server can`t be rebooted, or a program must be left open.

As a warning when opening the connection.


I'm not sure I understand your requirement. Can you provide more details?

Thank you,

Presuming windows, you should be able to do that in group policy?

Yes, it can be done in a group policy, but it is for a quick notice to a colleage.

For example: "don`t close this running program" or "Check if something is done correctly"

What I mean is a sort of quick popup or post-it notice, when I connect to a remote desktop.


the only way to post messages is by using the Terminal Services dashboard of your Remote Desktop connection. You also need to select a user session to send this message to the user:


Thats why it was a feature request ;-)

But nevermind, we thought it could be a handy feature but probably it is too difficult to explain.

Sure, I understand ;) But I'm not sure how this feature should be implemented. Sending messages requires us to specify a session id. In your feature request you ask for sending a message upon connect. Which session should be used to send the message? Should it always be the same message or individual messages? How would that message be configured then and when? Etc.

We don`t want want to send a message. We would like a notice popup when connecting to a server. It will be always the same. (until someone deletes it or edit it) Just a popup dispaying some small info if there is something important to that server.

We now use the Notes with a server to write important info about a server, and delete that if it is outdated.

I'm afraid this kind of message is not supported in the RDP protocol stack.


Sorry, but this is really not what I mean. I am not asking for things on the server itself, just a simple reminder in RoyalTS when someone initiate a connection.

Nevermind, we will keep using the Notes section as we do now.
Please close this thread.

Oh, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. This is a different story. I will let this idea open to see if others would also find this useful.


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