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Feature Request: Shared/Personal credentials for the same connection


First of all - thanks for a great product - we're very happy with it.

We (our organization) are very interested in being able to having both Shared and Personal credentials associated with a given connection - we are coming from VisionApp Remote desktop, and have gotten accustomed to being able to do so :-)

Consider this:

  • We're a hosting and outsourcing organisation, which means we run operations across many systems and environments, and in several contexts (help
  • We have almost all hosted systems configured in a shared connection document.
  • We might have a specific shared credential for every connection in the shared document.
  • For each of those connections, we might need to have a personal credential associated as well.

An implementation idea could be:

  • Add credential types - distinguish between shared and personal credentials, configured as a setting on the credential itself. This way one could mark credentials as shared/personal depending on preference.
  • Add the possibility to define order of preference on application level (personal first, then shared, or vice versa).
  • No change to defining credentials for connections, still specify by credential name, but above would make RoyalTS able to do automatic selections when several credentials with the same name exists - if they are different types.

This would allow for more streamlined organization of connections.

Currently we need to either:

  • Have each connection where we need personal/shared credentials differentiation duplicated - one using shared, and one using personal credentials.

  • Or just have a credential set in our personal document with the same name, and use the credential picker to select the personal credential. This do get a bit bothersome a times, where you need to access many systems in succession.

    We're all a lazy bunch I know - but a click saved is worth something :-)

Regardless - we're proposing this as a new feature, as it would be truly awesome (for us anyway). Hope it will be considered.

Have a fantastic day everyone.

    Kenneth Nielsen

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