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Sharing SSH connection between PuTTY tools


I would like to ask you about an option that I did not managed to find into Royal TS.


We are using a bastion server (gateway) to jump to production boxes.

The bastion server use 2 factor authentication , and has port restrictions, then the Secure Gateway option available on Royal TS is not working for us.


We are able to jump to the production boxes if we reuse the connections, option available in PuTTY "Share SSH connection if possible", option that I did not found it into Royal TS, and also I was not able to make Royal TS to use the default settings that I saved on PuTTY.

Please see the attachments for the differences.


The question is if you have a similar option, or you have the intention to add this option soon, and if yes, do you have a estimation date ?

Thank you.

Kind Regards


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