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Idea: Restore "collapsed" state when reopening KeePass kdbx file at startup

 Working with KeePass kdbx files would become a little bit faster, if the last "collapsed" state of the kdbx branch in the navigation bar was restored in the new ToyalTS session.

The subitems of the kdbx are rarely interesting, but they sometimes shift the rtsz branch above out of the visible window:


Best regards


Hi Harald,

thanks again for the feedback. This is actually more tricky. Right now, there's no way to easily remember the collapsed/expand state of kdbx files as they are converted to a Royal Document. In earlier versions we opened the file without expanding the root folder and users complained and asked to at least open the root folder initially. I guess this is an area where we might not be able to make everyone happy :(


Hi Stefan,

o. k., I understand.
Thank you.



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