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Eigene "Erste Schritte"-Anleitung / Customize "First-Steps"-Page

Wäre es möglich, den Tab bzw. den Inhalt des Tabs "Erste Schritte" mit einem eigenen Inhalt zu füllen?

Hier würde ich z.B. gerne auf unser interes Forum etc. verlinken wollen.

Is it possbile, to fill the page or the tab "first steps" with my own content, like a web page or sth?

Vielen Dank / many thanks

Hi Frank,

this is currently not possible but I moved your question to the Ideas section (where we collect feature requests). We will keep an eye on this and see if we can implement this in a future version of Royal TS.

One question, though: how would you like to configure this URL/page?


Hi Stefan,

sorry for delay - I think a local html-File or mht-File, or better configure an URL via Registry or customized Configruation-File.

That would be great ;-)



So then the question would be, where should Royal TS look for that file? How and where would you deploy that html file?

I think the best way is to put it in the Default-Directory C:\Program Files (x86)\\Royal TS V4

or maybe als URL in the Registry.



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