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X11-Server in RoyalTS integrieren / Integrate X11-Server in RoyalTS

Die Frage eines Kollegen: Wäre es möglich, einen X11-Server in RoyalTS zu integrieren, damit man nicht immer z.B. xming noch zusätzlich aufrufen muss?


Question form a collegue: Is it possible to integrate a X11-Server-Plugin to RoyalTS, so that it's not necessary to open another tool like xming?


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Thank you for writing in. We currently do not have plans to include xming or any other x11 server in Royal TS.

Sorry I have no better news for you.

x11 or xming, x server support, like MobaXterm future, would make this a more complete feature. If anyone know how to do a work around to make it seamless with RoyalTS, please let me know.  

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We have MobaXterm here at my work and I noticed if I have Moba running then the X11 forwarding in Royal TS that it will use the X11 server that MobaXterm runs.  I still use Royal TS and pay for it myself because that is what I used before coming to this employer 5 years ago.  But it would definately be nice if Royal TS integrated this in their own product so I did not have to have another product.  I agree with Cin Khai.

I asked for this (may be implemented as plugin) some time ago, got some positive comments too...

As cin khai said, even the possibility to integrate xming with auto-start (and auto-close) when running sessions would be appreciated... Why not bundling XMing with RoyalTS? I'm pretty sure Colin Harrison would be interested in such a deal ;-)

At the time given i'm using MobaXTerm for this reason and not RoyalTS!


I was just curious if you could elaborate on your workaround. Do you simply start MobaXterm and then open RoyalTS and it works to show Xterm coloring? 

I have tried this, but it doesn't seem to show the coloring of Xterm. 

@Alex, not sure but what you mean by coloring but yes I open MobaXterm first if I'm going to need X11 and then Royal TS and X11 just works.  I don't use X11 that often and it's probably been over a year since I've used it.  

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