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Local Terminal Embedded in Royal TS


Sorry I'm posting a lot of ideas recently, but I think they would be good ones. Can we implement a local embedded terminal like Cygwin (be able to updated packages, etc.) into Royal TS? Use commands like openssl locally on my machine for an instance is an example.

MobaXTerm does this as shown in the attachment as an example. This would be useful sometimes when I need to test stuff outside of connections, etc.



Feedback is always welcome! Please don't stop ;)

A local terminal is not shipped in Royal TS but with the external application connection you can embed the terminal of your choice easily. Check out this blog post:

Let me know if this helps.



Thanks for the article. It helped me understand external application embedding a little bit better. 

I did try this with Cygwin for Windows and it did embed the first time using this method, but when I close the tab and click on the icon again in navigation it just pops it out again and no more embedding in the tab. Any ideas? Can you try it on your end with Cygwin, and see if you get the same results?


maybe there's a configuration issue. Can you open a support ticket here

Please provide screenshots of your external app connection settings, especially the advanced settings.



An update on this: We've already got a few tickets on this and we took a very deep look on it, but unfortunately we are not able to get the Cygwin terminal embedded into Royal TS. Once Cygwin Terminal launches, it starts some subprocesses and changes the window handle, making Royal TS not able to determine the correct window handle anymore and failing to embed it. 

And just to add: The tool Cmder is also doing the same "magic" and therefore does not work as well.

Sorry for not having better news!



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