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Key Sequence Broadcaster History

Can we implement a feature so key sequence broadcaster shows a history of previous last 10-20 or so commands like SuperPuTTY shows?

Can you provide more details on how this works in other tools. The broadcaster is a multi-line text field. I'm not sure how a history could be implemented in this case.

Please see the attached picture. It's a drop down list of last previous commands/or common commands, I can't tell for sure. I would have to test. This has come in handy sometimes. I haven't used SuperPuTTY in a long time but this list I think it's max is 9-10 items in here, which I think is sufficient.

That UI makes sense for a single line command but I'm not sure how we should implement a UI for our broadcaster as it allows multi-line text. A combo-box will not be a good fit for that. Any suggestions?

That's a good point. Usually when I'm using key sequence broadcaster it's usually single lines anyways. Maybe only have it so the history shows single line commands ran?

I will see what I can come up with...


We'd like to have this feature too.

Also, it would be helpful to have something similar to command history but loaded from internal/external source - like TXT with list of commands we can use for broadcaster or commands from notes in RoyalTS...

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