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Make Ad Hoc folder properties configurable


after using the Ad Hoc entry in the ribbon, the newly created connections are stored in the Ad Hoc folder. But the properties of this folder can’t be opened/edited.

I set the Royal Server and Gateway using for every connection type in the default settings to use the setting of the parent folder.

But the parent folder in this case (the Ad Hoc folder) can't be told using the server/gateway.

Maybe it would be possible adding another special string like the @ sign (which tells the ad hoc connection to ask for the user credentials), if it's not a easy one implement the changing the ad hoc folder properties?

The idea is, that really every connection is going through the Royal Server / Gateway.

Because if there are servers, which aren't directly reachable - only through the gateway - you can still connect with ad hoc, because it's going to use the gateway.

Only if one doesn't want this, he has to manually change it.



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