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Support for ZModem

I would like to request a feature for Royal TS.  I have to make SSH connections to clients in secure environments.  Their environments will allow only a single SSH connection from my host.

I use zmodem (with lrzsz on linux) to transfer files INSIDE the SSH session.  There is a putty fork which includes zmodem, as does secureCRT (which I currently used for SSH connectivity)

This is a critical feature for me (which forces me to keep using SecureCRT).  I saw this request on the Royal  tsX forum as well.  Any chance this will be incorporated?

Hi Michelle,

I'm not sure if we can support Zmodem. The SSH component we are using does support Ymodem to send/receive files. Right now, this is not implemented in Royal TS but we can put that on our roadmap for a 5.x release.

As an alternative, you could use the PuTTY fork you mentioned when you are using the PuTTY based plugin in Royal TS. You can specify which PuTTY.exe should be used in the plugin settings. Assuming that the command line args to start a session which is stored in the registry are the same, it should also work with Royal TS.


yes, it will be a very important feature to add!!

I'm afraid our component vendor still doesn't support ZMODEM but we improved the PuTTY plugin settings to make it much easier to integrate forks:

Maybe this helps with the previously mentioned fork of PuTTY which supports ZMODEM.

Sorry I have no better news at the moment.

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Sorry but rebex terminal support YModem instead of Zmodem, it isn't still enable on royalts?

Not yet and I'm also not sure if we can make it in V6.

only for my curiosity, there is an ETA for V6?

Unfortunately not. We hope to get a beta out in the next 4-6 weeks and from there we will see...

 V6 do not support ZModem?

 V6 still not support ZModem?

Unfortunately no. Rebex still doesn't support ZModem and probably never will. I have asked them years ago on several occasions but nothing happened. Sorry for the bad news.

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