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Prevent accidentally overwriting changes the confiiguration document

To prevent accidentally overwriting changes someone has made to the configuration document.

We have about 20 to 30 users but only 3 of us have write permission on the file so only we can add connections and make changes. However we still manage to accidentally over write each others changes sometimes. Could there be an option for a prompt for a password or an extra step when clicking the save button or ctrl + s? Something to make it less easy to do by accident.

Encryption and Security of the password isn't a concern as even if the other users have the password they don't have permission to write to the file. I know passwords can be set under lockdown but we don't want to enable encryption in order to use it.

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please open the document properties and check the document type configuration:

In your case, it should be set to "Shared (Merge File)"

This will merge changes instead of overwrite the changes.

Let me know if this helps.


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