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Feature Request: Video Recording

I like to be able to make screenshots, but it would also be a nice feature to recorde a remote session.

Great for documentation!

That's my questions as well. On TS (Windows) I'm able to record session on .txt files.

On TSX I'm not sure.. I opened a ticket to check it out.

Hi Manfred, this is nothing we can easily provide in Royal TSX but since each Mac ships with QuickTime which can do screen recording, you already have a tool installed to record your remote sessions. Cheers, Felix

Hi Felix,

sorry, I am using RoyalTS for Windows and have posted the request into the wrong topic.

I am not big fan of Screen recording, due to the fact that I always have to define the frame.

A function inside RoyalTS would be much more convenient!


Hi Manfred,

I've moved your feature request to the Windows forum.




Any news on this?



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