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KeyPaintInactive needed

The KeyPaint setting in View → Color Scheme finally allows native title bar colours. Sort of. However, we still need KeyPaintInactive for inactive windows. These should be white (native behaviour) or a custom colour if you've bodged Windows to give you a custom inactive colour (very easy to achieve but it has to be spoon fed on every login in recent Windows 10 versions).

Hi Daniel,

please send your feedback to DevExpress directly. We are only providing those options we can offer to the user...


Edit: I am not sure why DevExpress have such a convoluted colour system that has no bearing on the way Windows draws controls. I've managed to sort-of get it to actually look like native windows, but I guess there's no hope in Hell of them ever bothering to devise a set of colour parameters that works like the real OS (including a active control border).

The only thing that would make this less painful is a mock-up screenshot where you click what you want to change, like how Windows 7 and older handled customising the classic theme.

Is it so much to ask that it just look like a normal application?!
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