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vCenter Ad-Hoc connection not using RDP plugin


I'm having an issue where I'm using the vCenter plugin to search through our VM list and connect to some of them on the fly, but in the "Connect (Ad Hoc)" dropdown, there are no options to use the RDP plugin, only Console (which opens up the VMWare Remote Console application; not optimal for copy-paste operations and such), SSH (useless for Windows) or VNC (not optimal for Windows).

I've resorted to use the vCenter plugin to search for the VM, get it's IP, and get manually enter the IP in a new Ad-Hoc connection, but that's tedious. 

Is there a way to have the vCenter plugin connect to VMs using RDP ?

Thanks in advance for your help! :) 

 Same problem

Hi Alex and Stephan,

can you provide more information what the target URI of the ad hoc connection should be? When we have the information in one of the columns we can probably add a new ad hoc command for RDP to the plugin.


Hi Stefan,

The URI should be the guest's IP address.

After reading my original post, I'd like to add some things though.
This is valid only for Windows-based hosts, and not universal.

Instead of focusing on the RDP plugin, would it be simply possible to grab the guest's IP address, then ask which connection plugin we'd like to use for the ad-hoc connection (so we can specify RDP for Windows, Terminal for Linux-based, etc.), instead of hard-coding specific things for RDP, Terminal, etc. ? I think it would also be much simpler for the Royal dev team, as well as for end users.

That's a great idea. Maybe even go as far as showing the same items from the Ad Hoc menu in the Home ribbon tab (all connection types and the templates). I need to think about the way to integrate this into the UI. Maybe as a dropdown or it just remote controls the existing Ad Hoc feature (puts the URI in the Ad Hoc field and shows the dropdown from there). Any ideas?

Also, you mentioned you want to use the guest IP. What should be done if there's more than one guest IP?

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