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ConnectWise Control Support

I would like it if we could access our ConnectWise Control Clients from within Royal TS so we could have one place to remote onto all of our systems.

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Hi Jake,

did you already try the External Application connection type to integrate it in Royal TS?



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I had a look at it but as far as I can tell Screenconnect doesn't work by simply pointing it to an external application, unless i'm missing something. 

It looks like it needs some kind of integration into the Screenconnect service itself.

I'm basing this off the instructions for Remote Desktop Manager:

How to Configure ScreenConnect 5 in Remote Desktop Manager



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I don't think Screen connect works by simply pointing to an external connection. 

It looks like it needs some sort of connection to the Screenconnect back end systems. 

I'm copying this idea from Remote Desktop Manager:

How to Configure ScreenConnect 5 in Remote Desktop Manager

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I would also really like this integration.

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Has there been any thought on integrating ScreenConnect into Royal TS? I would like this integration too. 

Bumping this one again any updates on Connectwise intergration?

Bumping as well. Would really love to see this and I am willing to bet there are many more. 


I checked their web site but I wasn't able to find anything regarding an SDK or public API which could be used by Royal TS/X. It also seems to be a very complex product which we aren't familiar with. If anyone here has pointers to an SDK, let me know and I can try to find out if there's anything we can do to integrate it.


There is an API, and there's already an extension to integrate with RDCM, so presumably something similar could be done with RoyalTS.

Here's the dev guide:

Dev docs:

A PowerShell module utilizing some of their API you could peek into:

I was finally able to look at the docs and samples but I'm not able to find anything which can invoke a connection to a desktop, embed a session or even start ConnectWise. It seems to be targeted to extension developers and as far as I can see there's no integration API to enable 3rd parties to actually connect to remote desktops like VNC, RDP, etc. Maybe I'm missing something but I'm not really familiar with the product. If someone can point me to an actual example on how to integrate a remote session, I can further look into it.

+1 here too

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