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Serial COM Port Prompt

Hi Team,

Would it be possible to set the Serial connection to prompt for which COM port to use when you start the session? This function is available in MobaXTerm (see attached screenshots).

Depending on which USB port I use on my laptop or docking station, I get a different Active COM Port number.

IE. When I use the USB port on the right side of my laptop when I am in the field, it is COM2. When I use a USB port on my docking station in the office, it is COM5.

Having this feature makes it a lot easier to connect via Serial in different situations. Instead of having to have either separate sessions saved, or editing the session properties every time.



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I work with a lot of various microcontrollers and frequently run into the problem outlined above.  In response, I've submitted this RTS Dynamic Folder to the RTS toolbox repo which will create a set of connections for all available serial ports with various (configurable) speed and framing options.  On my system the result looks like this:

Here's the documentation for this simple PowerShell script:

Attached Serial Devices Dynamic Folder

This script utilizes PowerShell to generate a list of available serial devices, along with RTS Custom Properties defining speeds and framing settings, to generate a set of Terminal connections for each combination of port/speed/framing.

The resulting folder structure will look something like the following:

Attached Serial Devices
|-- USB Serial Device (COM12)
|   |-- COM12 9600 8N1
|   |-- COM12 9600 7E1
|   |-- COM12 19200 8N1
|   `-- COM12 19200 7E1
`-- USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM34)
    |-- COM34 9600 8N1
    |-- COM34 9600 7E1
    |-- COM34 19200 8N1
    `-- COM34 19200 7E1


This solution only works under Windows due to its use of WMI to identify available COM ports.

Custom Properties

Port Speeds

This field must contain comma-separated list of serial port speeds in numeric format.

Example 1: 9600

Example 2: 9600,19200,115200

Frame Settings

This field must contain comma-separated list of serial port framing standards (8N1, 7E1, etc) in alphanumeric format, and each entry must be in double quotes.

Example 1: "8N1"

Example 2: "8N1","7E1"

I guess with the dynamic folder script your "issue" is resolved, correct?

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