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Feature Request: Reconnect all

Please add a feature in the menu to "reconnect all" for broken RDP sessions. 

Use case:

I'm RDP'ed into 10 servers and working fine. Then the network drops and all disconnect. Or, for example, I sleep my laptop and move from my office to a conf room. 

Upon re-establishing networking connectivity, it would be nice to right click on the tab and be able to re-establish connection to every disconnected RDP session. There is already a "disconnect all" option in the right click menu. 

Thank you. Love your product. Long time user. I use Royal TS all day/every day. Thank you!

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If you right-click in the navigation tree at the highest level possible, you should see a reconnect all button. Does that work or is it for only actively connected sessions?

Thank you for the suggestion, but i thought that was to reconnect to *all* hosts in the folder. I have 100's of connections in my folder tree. But i typically work on a few at a time from different folders and different files as well. They are tabs across the top of the window.

I'm request is to be able to reconnect to all that are open as tabs and were previously connected, but broke due to a network outage, etc. 

Connecting to all in a folder would be when you select "Connect All In Folder", that's why I proposed that "Reconnect All" would do what you wanted. You may have to do it once per file. I don't fully know though as I don't leave my disconnected tabs open, I was just suggesting.

Ahh...i See that option now. I was not aware it was there. 

However, it doesnt seem to work for me, and frankly, it's a bit hidden. I clicked on it and got the prompt to connect to all connections in subfolders or not, and i clicked yes, and it seemed to only reconnect to connections in that folder. 

I still think a "reconnect all" would be preferred when you have a number of open tabs and want to just reconnect to each of them, regardless of folder, etc. It would be the equivalent task of right click on each indiv tab and click reconnect and move to the next tab. 

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This is a function I would really like to have also.
When suddenly losing VPN or Network connectivity, I end up with several disconnected session as tabs.
I would very much like to be able to select them all and connect them instead of clicking through them and connecting all of them individually.

Is there any progress with this feature..?

Hi Lars,

this has been implemented a long time ago. What version of Royal TS are you using?



Please try configuring the following:

1. Within the Royal TS - Behavior Options, go to 'Tabs and Connections' and activate the 'Keep remotely disconnected tabs open' option:

2. Access the Royal TS Plugins (File -> Plugins) and select Remote Desktop, afterwards click on 'Settings'.
Once the settings are opened, select the options 'Auto Reconnect on Disconnected Tab' and 'Always Reconnect'

Afterwards, an automatic reconnect will be initiated after 30 seconds:

I hope this helps!

best regards,


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