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Feature request: Layouts

Hi guys!!

I'm here for a feature request: Layouts (or whatever you want to call it)

Daily we need to open 2 or 3 connections to do one thing. 

Example: I need to upload via SFTP a lot of files to a Linux server. Then I must connect to that Linux server to execute some of that files that I uploaded and finally, I must check the changes in an embedded web browser.

For this I must open the connections one by one and it's a little annoying. 

So, can you make a connection for "connections" like "layouts"?

With this feature available I should create a new "layout" called "Upload and Test" with (using the example before) My SFTP Connection, the Linux Server and web browser and then when I open the "Layout" a"Upload and Test", all the connections will be open just with one click.

I know that you can do this with "Folders" and the option "Connect all in folder", but it's a little tricky because it's dificult to get the things in order if you have a lot of connections (in my case I've 125 connections and growing). With "layouts" you can use you actual connections, stored in their own folder. Like "shorcuts" in Windows or "Symbolic Links" in Linux.

I hope that you understand my request.

Regards from Buenos Aires!

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Not sure if we mean the same but +1 for option to use 'Symbolic Links'. 

So a option to make a new object ('Link') and have it linked to a existing object (SSH, RDP, ect). When original object is modified shortcuts are updated.

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