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Export a set of connections to a new document

Let me preface with: I understand that Royal TS has a great system for creating a shared document and putting in a central location (such as one a file server)

However I wish that there was a simple way to export groups of folders\connections from a non-shared document: either in part or in whole- and stripping out the credentials in the process.

The rationale\use scenario is that we have often have had IT staff leave or take on new roles, and it would have been nice to be able to give the person taking over that vacated job a Royal TS connection document that has the necessary connections already.

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Something similar here. I have all my clients as 2nd-level folders in my document. I would like to export the folder for one client as a separate .rtsz to give to a client so they can use RoyalTS as well. In my case, I'd prefer to keep credentials if possible. 

I think I can do most of this by opening the document in a text editor and deleting everything the client does not need. Will try that next.


The way we usually handle this is by just creating a new (empty) document and drag objects or folders (while holding the CTRL key) to that new document. This will copy all objects to that document (and also assigning new ids). Afterwards you can use bulk-edit to adjust/strip away any credentials.

Let me know if this helps.


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