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Store username in connection instead of credential for SSH

In our organization, as a new administrator completes the onboard process, they are told to generate an SSH key pair. This SSH key pair is used throughout their entire employment.


Once the new administrator has generated an SSH key pair, the public key is copied to the authorized_keys file across various servers under various usernames.


In Royal TS, the username is tied to the credential, but because the username cannot be overridden in the connection, specifying different usernames while using the same key is impossible without creating duplicate credentials.


For example:

User A sets up Credential A

User A sets up Connection A

Connection A needs to connect to Server A as root

User A sets up Connection B

Connection B needs to connect to Server A as dba

User A sets up Connection C

Connection C needs to connect to Server B as root


Can the ability to override the username stored in a credential with a username stored in a connection be added to a future version of Royal TS?

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Hi Kieran,

we still don't have a solution for this but if you have an issue with Royal TSX on macOS, I suggest you open a support ticket for that here:


Hi Team,

Any progress on this functionality by any chance?

I've just changed over from Royal TS on Windows to Royal TSX on a Mac. Used the same Connection document that I had on windows and things were looking really promising for a while. Right up until I tried to connect to some of my network devices via our serial console server.

We use Opengear console servers and their lighthouse central management service. I can ssh to myusername+devicename@lighthouse and it finds the console server that device is connected to drops me straight into the device. In my connection document on Royal TS in Windows I was able to specify the username in the hostname field of connections to devices as well as choosing a credential file for the password and all was good. It took the username from the hostname field and the password from the credential and just connected.

On RoyalTSX on it seems to be trying to connect to DOMAIN\myusername@myusername+devicename@lighthouse which is obviously causing authentication to fail.

Is there any way you could replicate the functionality I used to get in Windows, on my mac?



Hi Leonardo,

the current architecture doesn't allow this kind of "override" in the near future but we are working on something which may helpful in this scenario.


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