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Closing RDP Session window performs sign off/log off

It would be great to have an option to link the closing of a RDP session window to activate a session sign off/log off.

It would be useful to be able to specify such a behaviour in the group hierarchy and at a global level.

Benefits: Closing a session window is convenient and efficient and marrying this with a session sign off/log off would give you both speed and security.

Some Windows Server versions have user unfriendly sign off options requiring multiple clicks in a specific area of the session window that could also easily activate a shutdown or reboot by mistake. Taking the sign off/log off action out of the session point and click OS into a more robust setting on Royal TS would help here.

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unfortunately the RDP protocol stack does not support logging off a session. You can already use the reset session feature in the Remote Desktop dashboard but be aware that this will "kill" the session and all unsaved data might get lost.