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SQL Client Plugin

It would be great to have a plugin that allows SQL connection to a database resource. Ideally with script output and gridview output options too.

Something like Oracle's SQL Developer embedded.


Hi Dan,

thanks for the feedback. We will look into that. I know we already mentioned this to you but for the record, we do have a PowerShell connection type which can render basically any output as text or even in a grid:

It's quite easy to create a PowerShell script which connects to a database and executes a query:

Or using some .net SQL client object:


 Thank you, i agree that for just running command with no other "feedback" that would work fine. I would also like a grid view to show SELECT results too so that would be a lot trickier,

You can use a grid view to output the select results using the PowerShell connection type. Once it is shown in the grid, you can do all sorts of stuff, like sorting, filtering, etc.


Ok i will try and update with my findings


Also make sure you check out this blog post:

Should you have any questions, let me know.


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