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Auto Save and Auto Sort

Anyway you can add autosave functionality so we do not have to always click save when exiting and also to prevent loss of work in event of application hang.

Also, an option for autosort would be nice.  I always want my connections sorted per my default sort settings.



we have an auto save feature already in the document properties dialog:

Enable the checkbox "Save Document after using the Properties dialog"

As for auto sort, this is a bit trickier as it has some impact when documents are shared in teams. Not sure if we can implement that in the near future but we will keep it on the list.

Interesting post.
I had a look for the auto save feature on Royal TSX and found the setting titled "Save Documents on Close" which I'm guessing will only work if the app is closed.
I don't know if the save will apply if the the application hangs prior to closing.
Nevertheless, I am happy to have made use of this setting.

Like BB I would love to see an auto-sort option in Document Settings.



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