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Shell Integration with File Transfer Connections



It would be cool if File Transfer connections had an option for shell integration once logging into a server. For example in WinSCP in the shell you can say "sudo su -" to make you root if you have those permissions of course. Screenshot attached. But I can't change my user in regular file transfer connections in Royal TS after a connection is made. I can't connect as root because we don't/shouldn't know the root password in my work and we are in the sudoers file to just be able to switch to root once connected.


Anyways I have WinSCP as an external application in Royal TS with parameters to connect easily for this as a workaround but it would be cool if this was a built-in feature.



(4.28 KB)


we're using a 3rd party component for the file transfers and unfortunately there's no support for this scenario. I've contacted them and asked if they can provide this feature in their component.


I'm happy to report that Royal TS 5.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TS 5.0, please head over to our

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