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Feature request: Allow Chrome plugin to use chrome browser plugins


it would be great if the chrome web plugin of Royal TS would be able to use the local chrome webbrowser plugins.

For example:

We are using a team-shared Keepass database, which is located on a sharepoint server. Being able to use the local installed chromeipass plugin without having to import the password database into Royal TS would just be great.



Hi Steve,

the Chrome component we are using is actually able to run "plugins" - such as Flash Player or similar. See:

I guess you are referring to the Chrome Extensions. Unfortunately this is not supported as this is not really something the Chromium engine supports - this is more related to the Chrome browser itself.


Hi Stefan,
You are right, I was talking about extensions. Sorry
Aren't you using the Chromium Embedded Framework? As far as I can see it is able to handel extensions:
"It supports PPAPI plugins and extensions"
Thanks for having a look into it
Best Steve


Unfortunately we cannot easily use the Chromium embedded framework or the Chromium engine as they do not provide the necessary bindings and APIs we need to embed it into a .NET application. We are using a commercial component from essentialobjects:


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