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Support for side-by-side and stacked tabs

It would be awesome to be able to split the window vertically (side by side) and horizontally (stacked).

Right click on the tab at the top and click split vertically or split horizontally.

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Hi Tim,

this is already possible.

It would be cool to take this one step further. I open some Solarwinds monitoring webpages in multiple tabs in a floating tab group and keep that tabe group on one display. Then on my main display, I perform my work (RDP, SSH, VMWare connections, etc).  It would be great since I have those webpages in one folder, If I right-click or choose to open all items in that folder in their own floating tab group. I attached a screen shot of my layout as a way to demonstrate the idea. 

Hi Dillon,

I recommend opening a new idea for better tracking the votes and likes.


Hi Dillon,

I think I understand what your trying to say here and your idea. I like the idea as well. Like Stefan said opening up another idea specific to this would be helpful.


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