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SFTP to follow SSH current directory

We can already dock the SFTP view side-by-side with the SSH view to operate via SSH commands meanwhile having direct access to the folders' files.

Would be great to have a checkbox in the SFTP window to "follow" the position of the SSH connection.

For example, by doing a: cd /var/log

the SFTP window would also navigate automatically to /var/log

For SFTP to follow the current SSH directory should be trivial, i don't know if is feasable also the opposite.

(this feature is present in mobaxterm)

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+1 for this idea!

I'd also like the option to display an SFTP window in the terminal connection, instead of having to create a separate SFTP window. When you change directories in the terminal, SFTP should follow automatically and optionally, vice versa, so changing the SFTP directory would send a "cd" command to the terminal.

Lastly, I'd like a full-featured internal file editor that supports syntax highlighting, etc... so we can select a file in SFTP and open it directly within Royal instead of having to switch to an external app. Many other terminal clients support these features.

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