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Sort option on folder dropdown menu

Royal TS - since I like to keep my Ribbon hidden, when you right-click a folder from the Navigation bar, it should show a Sort option, to sort items within that folder.

On TSX this is not as much of an issue, because the Navigation bar shows a small toolbar on the bottom with that option.

Maybe also an Auto Sort option for a folder or the entire document, to keep it sorted whenever you add a new item or rename an existing one?

Hi Goran,

thank you for the feature request.

Just a workaround, which might be helpful in the meantime: you can add the sort command to the quick access toolbar by right-clicking the command in the ribbon. This way you would also have the option available when the ribbon is collapsed.



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I would also appreciate adding the sort command to the context menu for a folder. It seems to break the natural workflow of managing folders when the option isn't there.

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