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[multiexec] commands to multiple sessions

Hi there again,

I'll make an official feature request. I'd like to be able to execute multiple commands to ssh sessions. For instance after splitting 2 ssh's I want to have an button to engage multiple commands so all my key presses are send to all seen (splitted) terminals.

As my english is bad I try to explain:

I have host 1, 2 and 3 SSH opened (ad-hoc or normally doesn't matter). Now I split the window to have 1 left and 3 right and see them both. Host 2 is on left window but left I see host 1. Then I want to have a possibility to send commands to both host 1 and 3 (but not 2 as it is not seen).

This would make it more easy to administrate more hosts at once.

Kind regards,


Hi Stefan,

please check out the Key Sequence Broadcaster panel we introduced in Royal TS V3.2:



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Thank you. Another feature available I didn't find. Key sequence broadcaster-panel... sounds like I can shoot rockets to moon with this panel but just wanted my keys executed to all open connections. But the idea behind absolutely makes sense: open a panel and getting keys to multiple terminals. Nice!

I have to admit, as I used it firstly it was a bit from another world. I thought executing commands to all terminals.

But with the key sequencer I can automate the whole installation of new hosts. Combined with my puppet manifests it's a very great tool.

Is it possible to insert some conditions like "if 'ping': continue" and "wait until command is executed before executing next command" or something like this? Then one can easily automate whole update and installations with reboots.

I'm afraid that implementing those conditions is not possible. The broadcaster is very generic and actually not aware of the session type. All it does is sending the keystrokes to the session, regardless if it's a terminal, RDP, VNC or web connection. So the panel isn't aware of any context and has no way to process any of the session's state.

Stefan, or anyone. Is it possible to change the key sequence broadcaster settings to just press ENTER to send to everything instead of CTRL + ENTER? It's very hard to get use to that and honestly kind of annoying. If it's not something that can't be changed I would like you guys to add that as a feature please.

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can you please create a new feature request in the Ideas forum for that?

Thank you,

Is multi exec available on mac?  If not, can I request that feature please?

@Robert: Although the feature is implemented differently, I think what you're looking for is "Broadcast Input to all Terminal Sessions" in the "Tab" menu of an active terminal connection. When this is enabled, all input will be broadcast to all other open terminal sessions.


Is the option "Broadcast Input to all Terminal Sessions" on windows version too ?

I only found the Key Sequence Broadcast panel.


This has technical reasons. Since we are using different components on Windows, we are not able to provide this functionality in the same way as on macOS. The Key Sequence Broadcast panel is the only way to accomplish this but also allows you to use other connection types, for example.

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