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Export single connection as RDP file

What would be great is if you could right-click on a single connection and choose to export that connection as a .RDP file to send to someone.

The RDP connection file is a 'simple' text file that, I'd imagine, wouldn't be difficult to generate from a RoyalTS connection.

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Indeed, this is something that I've wanted to see for several years now.

This would be brilliant! I've tried hacking something together in a command task really quick, but am having an issue. Having this builtin would be awesome!

I would also love this feature - or a way to export a selection to individual RDP files

Yes to this!

Yes can this please be implemented - to distribute admin roles

I tried RoyalTS on Windows.10.Pro.x86.'20H2 (32-bit), running on 10-year old Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo-P hardware (Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 4 GB RAM [well, 3 GB used], nVidia GeForce 7500 LE, dual monitors : 1920 x 1080 [60Hz] and 1280 x 1024 ).

This doesn't work well. RoyalTS says "The selected connection client is currently in an external window", and there's an option to "Activate window", but it fails and seems to continuously retry, resulting in visible agitation in the Windows Taskbar Tray, and system focus is continuously being taken away from any other application window, as long as the attempt to "Activate window" isn't terminated.
The alternative "Embed Connection" option of RoyalTS (in the forementioned "external window" message frame) does work.

Given this RoyalTS failure situation it would be useful if I could export the given RoyalTS connection settings into an .rdp file, because Microsoft's msTSC.exe doesn't seem to suffer from the same problem that I have just described for RoyalTS.

Hi Yvo,

regarding the external window issue: can you please open a support ticket and tell us more details / screenshots?

Thank you,

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