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Show computers to be online

Small request:

Show computers (maybe also gateway/server) to be online.


e.g. that these icons in front a small green check show that the machine is online.
I would suggest a configurable ping (timeout/frequence).

Kind Regards, Frank Bastiaens

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This would be a great feature for when you had to reboot a server or waiting for a service to come up.

Might aswell be some kind of healthcheck, think haproxy-style.

While I can see the usefulness of this, I don't think this falls in the scope of the intent of this software.

You do not want a shop full of Royal uses to each be sending heartbeats.  You should employ a separate monitoring solution.

For ad-hoc reboots, it is simple enough to run a ping on your own PC.

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I think this would be a great option. Large shops would not need to use it, but for small shops, it would be a nice feature.

I am seconding what Corey said- in general while this would not be a good feature for a larger shop - it would be great for smaller businesses- OR for those of us in larger orgs who use many folders within Royal TS to keep servers grouped by type or location - this would be great to apply to one specific folder.

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