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Show computers to be online

Small request:

Show computers (maybe also gateway/server) to be online.


e.g. that these icons in front a small green check show that the machine is online.
I would suggest a configurable ping (timeout/frequence).

Kind Regards, Frank Bastiaens

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This would be a great feature for when you had to reboot a server or waiting for a service to come up.

Might aswell be some kind of healthcheck, think haproxy-style.

While I can see the usefulness of this, I don't think this falls in the scope of the intent of this software.

You do not want a shop full of Royal uses to each be sending heartbeats.  You should employ a separate monitoring solution.

For ad-hoc reboots, it is simple enough to run a ping on your own PC.

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I think this would be a great option. Large shops would not need to use it, but for small shops, it would be a nice feature.

I am seconding what Corey said- in general while this would not be a good feature for a larger shop - it would be great for smaller businesses- OR for those of us in larger orgs who use many folders within Royal TS to keep servers grouped by type or location - this would be great to apply to one specific folder.

Just posted a similar "idea".

Starting a PING each time is a pain.

We do use another app to monitor, but it would be good to have this as part of Royal TS.

It doesn't need to poll every second (could be settable), but every minute would be helpful.

It could also be an optional setting per host.

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