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When I have more tabs open than the width of the RoyalTS windows, I have the option to click arrows to scroll the multiple open tabs.  While this works, I would like to see an option to handle tabs in other was:

Treat Tabs like the Windows Taskbar, where I can:

  1. Shrink Always, Hide Labels
  2. When Taskbar is full
  3. Never

Another suggestion would be to let me set a max width I want to see in a tab, I can hover over the tab if I want to see the full name of the tab

And another suggestion would be to allow more than one row of tabs at the top, perhaps I could use the top row for the Servers I am RDP'd to, and the row below it for the Workstations I am RDP'd to.  (See attached file for mockup of idea)

If I 'hide' the menu drop down tabs, I've room for 3-4 tab rows with out loosing desktop space for my RDP sessions.

In a nutshell, anyway to not have to scroll for open tabs would be welcome.

thank you,


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Hi Stephen,

since we're using a 3rd party UI library, we can't implement all the features you requested. However, the next release will have an option to enable multi-line tab rows and you can choose between 3 tab size modes: Auto (the behavior like today), Fill (tabs will fill all the available space), Manual (a max. tab width can be set).

Stay tuned for the next release.


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