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Triggers - Highlight Text in Royal ts

I was very pleased when the Triggers were added to Royal TSX and specifically the highlight text trigger.  Now, I'm using Royal TS in addition to Royal TSX and I really miss that feature on Royal TS.  Is there anyway to add that feature to the terminal application on either the Rebex or Putty plug-ins?  This is something SecureCRT does as well.


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thank you for submitting your question. Right now, Royal TS for Windows does not provide the functionality. In PuTTY we don't have any control over the application itself, so if PuTTY doesn't support this, we cannot really do anything about that.

As for Rebex: They have a scripting API which can do the Send Text and Run Command triggers, at least as far as I can see. Highlighting text is not directly supported in their API but I will do investigate if this can be done somehow.


I'm happy to report that Royal TS 5.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TS 5.0, please head over to our

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