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Shadow RDS Sessions directly from dashboard

When monitoring a lot of terminal-servers based on Windows 2012r2 or 2016 RDS deployments, it would be really timesaving to be able to shadow active sessions shown in the Dashboard Tab by right-clicking the session to shadow.


It would be even nicer to have a dropdown submenu on the contextmenu-items

to select options like /Control and/or /noConsentPrompt.


Commandline in the background should than look someting like:

MSTSC /v:servername /shadow:sessionid (/control) (/noConsentPrompt)

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that would be a great help

After 4 years, unfortunately still no progress, feedback or anything. Really hoping some news in the near future. I know this is filed as an idea, but guys please, some feedback if it will be created, considered etc., would be nice.


I'm sorry for not replying earlier. We missed this thread somehow and last weeks response triggered another notification.

I've looked into session shadowing and the main issue is that we are not using MSTSC in Royal TS. We are using the ActiveX control and according to the docs, there's no API to initiate shadowing. As soon as Microsoft provides the APIs, we're happy to integrate it into our dashboard.



Royal TS already has access to the computer name (RDP Server) and the Session ID. Why not just send a scripted call to C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe /v:%servername% /shadow:%sessionid% /control /noConsentPrompt.

It seems a popular demand of Royal Apps customers.

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I guess we can implement something like that but it will then be started as external application and not embedded. I will put this on the TODO list and hope we can do this some time after V6 has been released.


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Any progress on this?  I'm just installing RoyalTS but shadowing would be an AWESOME feature.  We'd likely get licenses for the whole I.T. department.

I just implemented the command to the terminal services / remote desktop dashboard. This will be available in the next beta release, probably by the end of the week.


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hi @Stefan Koell

Do you have any update info about shadow beta? Thanks


we are currently working on the V6 release and hope to get it out by the end of the week. Stay tuned.


Hi Stefan,

I have installed version 6 and checked the Shadow Session via Dashboard with high expectations. Unfortunately, this does not work yet and I get the following error message. What am I doing wrong? What have I overlooked?



(16.5 KB)

I honestly can't tell. Royal TS executes the command line as discussed in this topic. Can you check your task manager and compare the command line Royal TS executes with one successful you execute manually?

I guess the logged in Account has no access rights.

I have the same with non admin account.

Can the string be customized?

We would for example need "/prompt" to login with admin credentials and remove "/noConsentPrompt" as we require the consent of our users for remote session.

The next release will have a UI where you can enable/disable the /prompt and the /noConsentPrompt argument before you execute the shadow session command.

latest version is not working for view only (but control works) @stefan

you should not include `/control` because the main purpose of shadowing is to "view only" current rdp session, not "contrl" the current session(or at least let user choose a option)

example view only the current rdp session using bat:


set /P rcomp="vm PC: "

set /P rid="Enter RDP user ID: "

start mstsc /shadow:%rid% /v:%rcomp% /noConsentPrompt /prompt


I think you guys should add `/control` to shadow menu, by default without `/control` means "view only"

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