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[LOGGING] - Create a more powerful/dedicated logging dashboard

Logging in its current state is somewhat useful, but has quite a few limitations. Here are some ideas to enhance the capability of logging.

You can only view/search logs for a single server at a time. Being able to search multiple log files between multiple hosts would be very helpful.

Large log files hang the UI. Sometimes I have long running sessions that create log files 50-100+MB in size. This hangs the UI until RoyalTS loads the entire log file into memory. Is there a way to either prevent that or speed it up? A tool called LTFViewr5u can open HUGE files immediately and allows you to scroll in it just as quickly. I don't know how it's done, but it's amazing!

When duplicating a session, those logs are essentially lost to the UI. I have no way to open them without duplicating the session then loading the dashboard for that duplicate session. This goes the same way for ad-hoc connections. These should either reside under the original non-duplicate connection or somehow be viewable.

Mass export/automatic export of non-ansi version of logs. Unfortunately due to some of the limitations of log files today I resort to opening them outside of RoyalTS. In order for them to be usable I have to manually export to remove the ansi encoding. Could we configure non-ansi versions to be created automatically or allow us to do a mass export?

I realize ansi encoding is used for the playback of sessions, but I almost never actually need to see the real-time playback of a session. Could we actually make this a configurable item?

Easily allow us to purge/cleanup old logs via the UI.

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I'd like to add a couple notes.

Some logs won't display within RoyalTS. I don't know why. Behavior is the same as trying to view a log for a running session, no output is displayed. Unfortunately this coupled with some of the other issues means I can't rely on the dashboard for logs at all.

I can't view ALL logs in a single display. This would be useful for viewing logs by date/time. I could see a history of all the activity I had in a given time. Again, searching all logs for text would be greatly useful here too. Adding the ability to filter by hostname, date/time, connection type, etc. would be amazing.

Large log files take forever to load and hang the application while doing so. An example of an app that does not do this is LTFViewer5u. (no longer developed but works great for HUGE files)

Hi Ryan,

can you please create a ticket regarding the log file which won't show at all?

Thank you,

I've been testing features of RoyalTS and RoyalTSX lately and enhancements to logging are still a highly requested feature within my organization. Commenting again to hopefully raise some visibility to this.

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