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Additional security features, managed via GPO (encryption/lockdown)


Security-Option 1.1:
If a RoyalTS-document will be opened on a computer-object that is managed via GPO, a check is needed to ensure the encryption of the document.
If NOT – RoyalTS will force the encryption of the RoyalTS-document or deny opening the document.
If YES – RoyalTS will check the chosen password-strength.
If the password isn’t strong enough, the user has to choose a secure password that fulfills the following rules:
- at least 8 characters long
- contains at least one capital letter
- contains at least one small letter
- contains at least four non-letters
- doesn't contain four equal characters in a row

Allowed basic characters:
A-Z, a-z, 0-9

Allowed special characters:

Security-Option 1.2:
If in the document, that fulfills the Security-Option 1.1 ,credential sets are stored or will be saved, the document should get a lockdown with the option “Do not allow to reveal passwords in this document“.

We’re looking forward to see further more RoyalTS options are manageable via GPO.

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thank you

Hi Filip,

Royal TS ships with the ADMX file. You can find more information (including the logging options) here:

Perfect. Security guy asked me if RTS has logging of actions in app. I found it but it should be set over GPO as well.

I dont know how it generally works. Can you send me link how to set it? 

Thank you


the latest beta release has a couple of new GPOs which should cover almost all the above requirements:


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hi, i want RTS in my company. but I have to fill risk assessment and this things are missing ;( please add for bigger companies ;) Thank you

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